We offer

We all get in the situation when we want to sell or to purchase qualitative agricultural products (vegetables, fruits) and, of course, with a resonable price. Satisfying these needs is not easy and often it takes important resources, time and searching. From the idea of bringing together the demand and the offer, in 2006 the Agricultural Wholesale Market from Calea Basarabiei 8 street, administred by “Solotrans-Agro” SRL, on a space of 1,173 ha was founded. During the entire period of activity, The Agricultural Wholesale Market had expanded on an area of about 2,6 ha.

The Market started its activity to support as the promotion of local agricultural products as the import ones, the certification and the quality of the goods exposed to the sale, being guaranteed by the Sanitary-Veterinary Service Laboratory, which is active daily.

The enterprise is managed by a specialized team. The employed staff has an adequate qualification in the domains of activity.

The main activity of the Agricultural Wholesale Market is providing services of renting commercial spaces (store, refrigeration rooms, pavilions, booths, stalls) and spaces for the trade in transport units.

By the quality aspect, it was marked:

  • *significant improvement of renting services,
  • *fitting out the Parking,
  • *quick solving of the formalities and offering commercial spaces to all willing,
  • *giving acces for transport units to enter the Market,
  • *founding the Security Service and internal Security.

At the moment the range of products that we offer is very varied. So, along with commercial spaces, you’ll have the possibility to rent spaces for offices and hotel rooms with lasting or short term accommodation. Also, during work hours, on the Market’s territory are working 3 cafeterias, where you can take breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Solotrans-Angro’s Manager